Hey People……. it’s all about earth day celebration in my organization… Hope you’ll enjoy it 🙂 “


Nowadays, Global Warming is a one of the hot issues in the world. It makes most of the people change their mindset about their lifestyle. We know that our mother earth isn’t same like a hundred years ago and it makes some people showing their interest to fixed this problem. As the one of environment organization in Pontianak – Indonesia, HIBER show their interest with Green Mission II to celebrate the Earth Day 2010. On 17th and 22nd of April 2010, we held the Green Mission on three different place. At day, we did our first agenda which is Tree Planting Programme in Pendidikan Guru Sekolah Dasar (Elementary Teacher Education College) – Tanjungpura University. We choose them to be our partner because they can make an elementary student to love their environment by tree planting. It’s like a role model for an elementary student.We got many helps from The Rectorate of Tanjungpura University, Forestry Department of West Kalimantan, and Elementary Teacher Education College for their participation in our first agenda.

Tree Planting

At Night, we did our Movie Discussion in PKM Hall Tanjungpura University. We played an Academy Award Winner for Best Documentary Feature and Best Original Song. Guess What? Yeah! We choose “An Inconvenient Truth” for the discussion. Everyone who came in our Movie Discussion can write their green idea for our earth on the leaf. That’s so unique!

An Inconvenient Truth

And our last agenda is The Green Action on the road. We used our creativity to speak out our aspiration on that afternoon with recycle things like drum, ex-banner, leafs, etc. Everyone is so excited to speak out their idea and sadness about our earth condition.

“overall, I hope this programme can be a good way to save our beloved earth” 😀


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